Mushrooms illuminated by a glow or fireflies at night with Saturn in Pisces at the text.

Beautiful Dreamer Wakeup! (Saturn in Pisces Themes to Watch For)

Saturn will be in Pisces until Feb. 13, 2026 and there’s a six mos retrograde into Aquarius (August/2023-Feb/2024) . I made a Saturn in Pisces Video before the transit began (March 7, 2023) but I was sick and looked terrible so I never posted it. But here are a few things I addressed that I still feel led to share because knowledge/awareness is power and I see how some of these topics have been and can impact others. When you better understand the tools you have/energy you are working with you can better navigate from an empowered state.

Potential/Continued themes include and are not limited to the following:

  • Water related issues or restrictions.


  • Increase in substance abuse/addiction related deaths.


  • Renaissance of the arts and music. More old styles etc making a return. Some artists finding more mastery and recognition with their work.


  • More deep studies and discoveries of the sea and old things or animals that are in there.


  • Possible advancements or more focus on mushrooms and medicinal uses, or better understanding of their “magical” abilities.


  • People feeling the need to return to church OR traditional religion and spiritual practices. There’s more of a need structure. But for some this will be returning to practices of their ancestors and honoring ritual and ceremony in non mainstream ways.


  • This also feels like study to show yourself approved energy and some ppl may dive into esoteric studies while others may struggle w/cognitive dissonance or realize ways they’ve been misled by their spiritual leaders and beliefs and come into spiritual awakenings; but others will do the opposite, they will become more deeply involved with the “dreamy state” of religion.


  • I’d apply this same concept to well established leaders… more illusion vs truth… You have heard the “phrase follow the money,” well—do that as well and perhaps more truth will be found regarding leaders both secular and non about our resources and more. Retrograde could be a good time of accountability or revelation.


  • This could also be a time of Spiritual bypassing and people digging their heels into believing what their rose-colored glasses have shown them or they WANT to believe. (Saturn is retrograde now & is a good time for major reality checking so pay attention what’s true whether it’s painful or not.) Because ignoring the truth brings consequence too.

Saturn in Pisces sees your head in the clouds and is reminding you that your feet need to be on the ground as you take steps towards your dreams.

If you want to understand the astrology of what I’m saying, and things you can take into consideration continue reading 📖

Saturn 🪐 is a planet that can represent: mastery, leadership, authority, realism, tragedy, difficulties, abandoned places, things that are well-established, accountability, time, boundaries, old things and delays.  For those that believe in Karma—that too.

Pisces as an archetype can represent but is not limited to: art, the sea, spirituality, universalism, Christ consciousness, religious delusion, ships sympathy, water, self-undoing, jail, mysticism, and water animals.

When are working with Saturn energy it is important to understand that if Saturn were a person Saturn would be the parent or supervisor that wants you to be and do your best. No cutting corners, no rushing through things, but being accountable and taking responsibility. Saturn wants you to understand that when you don’t there are consequences. Saturn teaches us that boundaries are helpful and that anything not built to last can crumble.

With all that being said while Saturn is in Pisces: be careful with substance abuse. Seek treatment if necessary. I would encourage you to minimize contact with people that aid you in escapist behaviors and do not experiment with substances if you do not know what you are doing.

Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius friends… you may be having a harder time right now because Saturn in Pisces may be “speaking to the planets” in your chart in a challenging way. It depends on YOUR birth chart. Everyone experiences tough astro weather at some point—it’s your turn.

Leo, Aries, Libra--you may be feeling it at some point as well.

So pay attention to whats being revealed to you. Sometimes Saturn transits can feel like having your back against the wall. It is in these times you have an opportunity to be honest about what is not working in your life. Saturn energy can make you feel restricted, but it can also help you advance and achieve mastery. Journaling may be helpful in gaining understanding on what you are dealing with and gaining clarity. If journaling is not your thing perhaps talking to a trusted friend or therapist. Sagittarius and Pisces friends, y’all can be overly optimistic at times. At some point during this time frame you may feel like someone popped your balloon. The bigger question is could it be the rose-colored glasses have come off? What if it is time to take accountability for the choices you have made or won't make? Could it be time to course correct or gain info on what needs to change? Remember Saturn can be helpful too. Another things that's helpful to know is that sometimes Saturn transits can come with circumstances that trigger depression. Its good to be pro-active when it comes to your mental and physical health. Do you have a good routine in place and a support system for if you are feeling low? Keep in mind these times don't last forever, but the choices you make or don't make always have consequences. That's a universal truth.

If you found this helpful please share with others.

If you are experiencing a tough time and want to better understand why or how to work through it I recommend you book a WTF?! consultation. I will be able to look at your birth chart and see specifically how the astro weather is impacting you and go from there. Intuitive guidance is also another option!


Love Always,


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