The Saturnian Struggle

The Saturnian Struggle

I think one of the biggest lessons Saturnian folk benefit from learning is that you don’t have to live up to the outdated or unreasonable expectations that were/are placed on you. You don’t have to accept them for yourself. And if you have already, it may be time to release them and be free.

There’s so much criticism and heaviness that can fall on you when you measure yourself against expectations that don’t necessarily align w/who you are or want to be. Aquarius understands & embraces this in ways Capricorn may struggle with.

This is why Aquarius often feel like black sheep or the outcasts. They will choose what feels right for them even if people call them weird, talk about them, judge them and their choices, or turn their backs on them. They can feel lonely at times, but are usually able to find other black sheep and feel connected. You'll notice a lot of people with Aquarius placements have plenty other Aquarius friends.

On the other hand…

Capricorn sees the expectations & even if they are sick about them to their core will often power thru with a plan or life they don't desire because of thoughts like:

“I have to."
"People are counting on me to ______."
"This is what's expected."
"I don't want to let _______ down."
"I want to make my family/dad/etc... proud."

If not careful they will eat these thoughts and misery for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Eventually depression can enter the room if not careful.

Cancer exists on the same axis & can be that whispering reminder to check in with yourself intuitively. What feels right?

When you meet yourself with
gentleness & nurturing what do you see for yourself? In yourself? Do you truly see your needs? How are you denying them for the sake of building a life that meets expectations you may not truly agree with? Or expectations that someone else (society, parents, elders, tradition) placed on you?

The planetary rulers of the signs opposing Capricorn & Aquarius, the moon and sun (which both give us light) show us that tenderness and warmth is needed. Being in tune with yourself, your needs, and honoring your heart—your passions is important. So listen to your body, listen to your intuition. It’s a gift.

The lesson is about finding harmony in building what’s meant to last in your life while embracing love, compassion, and nurturing for yourself. ...which also means you honor what's true to you.

I heard and instantly connected with. It feels extremely Saturnian in the way of putting your plans on hold and having regret and fear later down the road. Johnny Swims--Getting Older (I've included a link at the bottom for a playlist I am working on, this song is included.)

A lot of Saturnians sacrifice their wild plans and dreams to for the sake of expectations and tradition.  You'll keep getting older, so decide what you want your life to look like, and how you want it to feel.

**Please note that this can be relatable to people who don't have any Capricorn or Aquarius placements. Especially those who have Saturn in the 1st house, Saturn aspecting personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), or the other angles: AC, DC, IC, MC. Libra folks might find connecting points as well, as Saturn is exalted in Libra.

Song: Getting Older

Written: Sep. 13, 2022

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