Love is the Answer

Some ppl believe that showing love or giving unconditional love means you have to be passive or let people use and abuse you. That is not the case. Love is also saying no and setting healthy boundaries. Love is removing people from your life that cause you harm. Love is not just something you give to others, you embody it, and it overflows from self, is sourced from the Divine and can be expressed in multiple ways. 
This is not something I truly understood at a point in my life. I allowed people to take more than they gave and found myself overextending myself in the name of love. One day I realized, while trying to show unconditional love to others--I was neglecting my self. That realization let me know that LOVE was not the issue, it was healthy boundaries and my lack of extending the same love to myself that I thought others were so deserving of. That is not a healthy expression of love.  I am here to remind you that love is the answer and that includes properly loving and taking care of yourself.
Love Always, 
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