Program Your Water

Time for some fun facts. The human body is about 70% water. Plants can be up to about 95% water. Have you ever heard someone say you should talk nice to your plants? Well, everything is energy, impacted by energy, and responds with a certain frequency and creates vibration. When we speak to our plants, or ourselves the cells are listening, the water molecules are responding.

There have been experiments where different types of music has been played for plants, or water; and experiments where people have spoken kindly too or in an unkind manner to water or plants. Its pretty amazing to see the results with video or image, but the crystallization patterns in the water completely varied based on whether negative or positive words were spoken--beautiful softer patterns vs. jagged ones. Can you imagine that happening in your body?

It's wild! To help you get in the practice of being intentional about the words you speak over yourself we have designed our first affirmation water bottle for you! You can fill it with water, read the affirmations on it, pray over it, or play high frequency positive music to help "tune" your water into love's frequency.

Here's a video that will give you a great visual its about 6 minutes long and worth it. 

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