Life has a funny way of bringing you full circle moments that remind you of who you are and what your core desires have always been. Along the way we have encounters and receive so many messages about what we should do, be, and like. When we were kids--we knew, and often we knew differently then what we were later taught. I am realizing that many of us end up going through this process of unlearning the conditioning we have received and remembering what is true to us. 

In finding or remembering what is true to you it is possible you find that--some of your connections and life paths were based on your conditioning instead your authentic self. The realizations, undoings, and transitions may not feel pleasant, yet they are part of the process; and these journeys are rich with lessons and wisdom. It is okay to grieve when you are experiencing these shifts and saying goodbye to certain people, places, or things. 

May you journey well.

Choose authenticity. Choose freedom. Find your sparkle and shine.

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